Over 40 Years Experience

Haley Studios hit a new era when Richard joined in 2011. He has helped grow and modernise the business through varying optimisations, aided by the rare design training received from his father Geoff, the studio founder. Following with the same training, designers Rebecca and Anna are constantly growing ever more sophisticated as artists. Geoff’s ability and faith in training has helped enable this new chapter in Haley Studios.

Original Painted Artworks

In a world of Google, stock images and copyright, the studio recognises the value of true original artwork. Each and every design is created from scratch as it’s own unique piece, meaning no two designs are ever the same. The studio’s highest priority is to create stunning and original work. With their coherent understanding of design, the studio combines the beauty of old masters with innovative contemporary ideas and styles.

Digitised And Repeating

Each beautifully painted artwork is scanned, digitized and made into a repeating design. All digital files are separated into layers to give the client maximum flexibility for production. Visualisations can also be provided. Alterations to colour, repeat and structure can readily be carried out to facilitate the customers requirements. All scanning and editing is carried out with the highest attention to quality.

Geoff Haley
Design Director

Richard Haley
Managing Director

Rebecca Haley
Senior Designer

Anna Haley
Senior Designer